Maintenance Support – Wheeled Tracked Vehicles, Ancillary Equipment, Directorate of Public Works (DPW) Equipment, Communications (Electronics), Aviation (Aviation RESET, Left Behind Equipemnt (LBE), Aviation Maintenance Backup (AVUM), Aviation Intermediate Maintenance (AVIM), National Maintenance Program (NMP), and RESET (Vehicle & Equipment)


Supply Support – Material Handling, Warehousing (Class I, II, III, P, IV, VII), Repair Parts (Class IX), Clothing Issue Facility, Bulk Petroleum and Retail (Class III) Hazardous Materials, Ammunition (Class V), Dining & Food Services, Disposal, Property Management, Mail Distribution, Operational Security, and Fitness Center Support

Ammunition Supply Point – Largest Ammunition Supply Point in CONUS, Provides all Ammunition for Units Training to Specific Military Bases, Provides Stock Control Services, Demilitarization Operations, Ammunition (Transport, Delivery & Pick-Up), and Supports Units Mobilizing and Demobilizing

Transportation Support – Tactical (Motor Pool Wheel Vehicles and Ammo Transportability), GSA (Sedans, Buses and Commercial Tractor Trailers), Taxi (Shuttle Vans, Transit Buses), Freight and Moving Services

Ranges – support scheduled training, range preparation, issue/receipt of equipment and facilities, maintenance and clearance from facilities.

RESET – Helicopters, Heavy Equipment Transporters, Armored Personnel Carriers, Mine Resistant Armored Protection Vehicle (MRAP), and Radio/Generators